Even God Likes to Laugh

2:46:00 PM

If there is any spiritual accomplishment that can be thumbed as being the "greatest" manifestation of a deep sense of connection to the world, I would have to vote for a good sense of humor - even about your own faith or beliefs. Sure, that judgement wouldn't exclude things like awe and reverence, but in terms of one's faith being infectious, there's no better way to evangelize than to laugh.

It would be rare that anyone might have missed or be oblivious to the Fox T.V. show, "Family Guy." I don't have a television, and I still know all about the show.

But, it was not until a few minutes ago that I found a great Podcast that gets into the hearts and minds of the creators of the show. If they have the balls to treat God as a rank player and his son, Jesus, as something of a foolish playboy, (and in good taste) then it's probably falls within the ken of spiritual practice to pick the brains of the gurus who created the show.

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