The Shape of things to come

6:00:00 PM

This is what I love about the Internet: it gives me the chance to witness and participate in a period of time akin to when nomadic humans learned to flint stones, cast tools, tame elements like fire and wild beasts, and become the first recognizable predecessors to what we are today.

I love that the Internet, it's gadgets and all, allow me to be counted amidst the many as a pioneer to a new world, a new life, a new race. It's as if, now, we were at a similar crossroads as those who, having discovered the rudiments of agriculture, changed the tribal nomads, kicking and screaming, into city dwellers, tamers of the earth, folks brimming with the knowledge of animal husbandry, masons, architects, bourgeois, and a newly evolved race - the first inklings of humanity's social contract.

It's as if, now, with the Internet, humanity were on the brink of a new epoch, and here we are with our cell phones, our P2P, our consumer goods, our voice and a means to populate and collaborate, as if the new human were not judged by power and the accumulation of goods and resources, but by their ability to contribute and collaborate.

The end of life as we've known it, a world of differentiation to a world of integration. That is, that the world as we know it is changing radically: from a tree to a web.
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