Geneology of a Silent Revolution

2:02:00 PM

Here's a question that anyone may venture to ask of themselves: When was the first time that one used Google for their Web search?

For those of us who had internet connections prior to 1998 or 1999, the field was wide open. We had, if we were curious about something, to chose from pretty big name competitors in the Web search domain: Alta Vista, AOL, Yahoo, Excite, Ask Jeeves, and these were only some of the few out there to choose from.
Google, for all of its current might, was ,to my recollection, a late comer on the scene of Web search.
My computer consultant and best friend (everybody needs a computer guru these days if one's to get by) mentioned when I asked that Google came on the scene during the "Portal Wars." Portal Wars? Yes, I remember that logging onto Excite or Yahoo or Alta Vista meant a getting a brief preview of news, horoscopes, weather and so on before I typed my querry into the search box, but Portal Wars?

The thing is that now Google, with its continuous and remaining understated presence on the Internet, has, as if one just blinked one's eye, created a new paradigm. It skirted past the Portal Wars, and emerged, pacifistically, the dominant force of the World Wide Web - not only for its search, but also for its ancillary products such as Blogger, Google Sites, Google Notebook, Picassa, Google Maps, Google Calendar and so on ... Googe Docs! Can it get any more sophisticated with a Web browser?

At any rate, I had to wonder where and when Google became my mainstay for search. It is only now that I have made Google the source and point of origin for my computing ecology. That is to say that I've already uninstalled Microsoft Office, and the only apps that remain in my hard drive have to do with photo and video editing.

Which is to say ... How did this revolution of computing on a personal level happen? It came like a thief in the night, and now that Bill Gates has retired from Microsoft, the torch is being passed to the good 'ol boys over at Google.

So here's a question for myself and for all of you out there. When did Google search become your mainstay search engine, your main internet squeeze, so to speak?

My Web Guru friend tells me that my first time logging into to a Google search came on, probably, a suggestion on his part. I tend to agree with the geneology he presented as far as Google infiltrating my life. But, as far as my Web Guru-friend is concerned he can't recall when he began turning to it as his Web point of departure.

Despite what we may know of when we engaged Google for the first time, it's for certain that they're at the hub of a revolution that is raging before all of us, nationally and globally, and the key, the crux of the revolution lies in two words: SEARCH and SHARE

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