The Perfect Facebook Day

8:33:00 PM

It behooves is to recognized those Web-broadcasting tools that have truly hit the mark with what the whole thrust of what society is striving towards: to make it easy and expedient for people to connect and participate in each other's lives.

On Thursday, I posted a gripe I had with the Universe as my "status" on facebook. Not an hour had passed and my peeps were calling me up concerned. On Saturday, the friends were commenting on my newly updated profile picture. A week ago, I responded to a cry for help and it rekindled an old friendship from high school. She went so far as to introduce me to another friend of hers as her boyfriend, and I never even got to first base with her. Would've liked to, but that's another story.

Suffice it to say, blogging is a dead end when it comes to a personal broadcast -and broadcasting ourselves is what we do these days. It's quite a momentous day when I KNOW that someone has read a post on one of the four blogs I maintain. My wife doesn't even read them.

Cell phones are bonk. It's quite a rare day when a friend or family member actually answers my call and I don't have to leave a voicemail.

I don't really think my youtube channel had had any visitors.

Both of my Wikies have remained blank with me being the only contributor.

My IM client shows that none of my friends are online at the moment, and if they are, their status lists them as busy.

Generally my e-mail is cluttered with bills.

But, Lo! On Facebook - mobile and browser compliant - the connection has been made. The postings have threads at last! I have found that other's are thinking of me by posting and tagging me in a photo from their beureau. Notices, notices. "You are welcome and appreciated in this digital hang out," the site seems to say.

Kudos to you facebook for salvaging my social sphere. My voice is heard and it's cause for debate.

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