The Cure for a time poor audience

8:44:00 PM

A question arises from the not just the deluge of information coming at us, but also from the deluge of information we all are putting out: is there a burgeoning psychological specialty for addressing the problem of a time poor audience?

Take a listen:

On the one hand, the field opens up for tremendous interactivity and connectivity. TV and twitter unite. The discourse gets lively and multi-dimensional.

On the other hand ... the detachment from what our immediate experience is as in watching TV while surfing the Web and twittering and writing e-mails at the same time defies the what most spirituality prescribes: rapt and focused attention as being the cornerstone of a general feeling of connectedness and serenity.

Is all this "connectedness" a recipe for an acute diagnosis of "alienation?" Only time will tell what the "new studies" on the nightly news turn up about the consequences of the digital age.

For the record, this posting was made while listening to the embedded report from NPR, it's first lines penned before the newscaster was finished.

I'm looking for a therapist now. Anyone with more than two years experience in this new specialty?

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