Facebook Etiquette, High Society-Style

12:11:00 AM

While networking face-to-face always involves a delicate hand on the elbow while shaking of the hands in the final stretch of a beautiful conversation, social networking demands posting, posting and more posting.

Podgnosticast offers this tip on being a cultured and a refined socialite on the FB:

Etiquite Tip

"It's not enough just to accept a friend request. Write on their wall the first chance you get!

The Facebook "Wall" and its variants on other social networking platforms like Linkedin is a public form; it's a social network broadcast, that not only brings warm fuzzies to the friend who had wondered before clicking your profile if you'd accept them as a friend with thoughts like, "He loves me. She loves me not," but it also is a quick, easy way to solidify to a whole swath of mutual and be-gazing degrees of separation that bond that you and your new social network buddy have and have had (like way back when Z Cavariccis, trench coats and mullet cuts were in vogue.

Your best and closest friends and family are already in your Facebook or Myspace audience-space. Take a moment for a few sincere words for that laggard to your Rolodex. They will thank you in their heart for being recognized - a hot commodity in prosumer-space, and hopefully their sphere will honor you as a guest as well.

After all, that function in the real world where deals happen has that happy bow-tie of business cards and spilling champagne for a plastic flute, but the social sphere has "The Wall."

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