A Letter Left Unsent: On the nature of What Used to be A Pizza Hut, Smart Glasses, Cartography and Easter Eggs

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Note: this post was abridged on 7/31/15 - JC

Dear Pan Pizza (to whom it may concern),
cc: www.podgnosticast.com

I stumbled onto your site via the most recent edition of Kickstarter's "Happenings" newsletter. I've been a subscriber for more than a year now after a random act of boredom had me slide the small scissors icon located just above the site's footer - an Easter Egg. The newsletter which is copied in full below as a forwarded message has your site listed under the "Etc." heading.

I submit for your inspection a curious artifact produced by the digital age: a building simultaneously built and torn down; a structure existing in database whose port side and starboard side seem to be overwritten on alternating years.

Location's address with GPS coordinates and URL:

13185 Biscayne Blvd
North Miami, FL 33181
25.897081, -80.161048


Street View from US1 northbound lane looking south, May 2015

Street View from US1 northbound lane looking North, May 2015:

Street View from US1 southbound, April 2014:

Street View from E. 18th St. April 2014:

Google Earth View

And if I may daydream for a moment:

Chances are that any Wynwood-style graffiti painted by March 30, 2016 and visible from E. 18th St. depicting what used to be the Pizza Hut there would be an exercise in adding a homebrew Easter Egg to those already made by Google itself.

At the very least, this Pizza Hut and those documented by your site will live on in some chache somewhere waiting for an Oculus Rift or an Android or a Microsoft HoloLens developer to author a layer into their Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality app that displays both the outside and inside (complete with salad bar and a fully-functional Moon Cresta coin-op emulation) of what used it used to mean be a Pizza Hut.

Hopefully, your site might someday be able to convince the companies above to hire some of Pratt's Library and Information Science students whom I've personally seen logging hour after hour of tedium plugging in all sorts of metadata from insurance records as part of their coursework at New York Public Library's map room; the end result I can only presume would be that some smart glass API would translate the publicly funded data of, for example, the atlas of Brooklyn in 1885 geotagged to the stereoscopic views collection and extra toppings such as an inter-library loan of the 1885 Brooklyn "Yellow Pages," and ecco, a Sunday stroll in the past is born while, simultaneously, pizza delivery of the, marketing bucks from The Hut itself and the bequeathed estate of your crowdsourced collection is ushered in.

Yours Truly,
Thin and Crispy Forever,
JC Martinez-Sifre
Brooklyn, NY

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