Consultations for the Inertia of Present History

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note: originally posted to Facebook friend's feed who expressed a reversal of views toward capital punishment in lieu of the recently published news article in the the New York Post regarding ... yet another tragic mass murdering rampage.

He said, "I used to say that peoples' fates are in God's hands. I've spent the better part of my life favoring life imprisonment over death penalties because I've felt that no man, woman or government faction should play God and decide when someone dies.  [...]

I say that the father of this victim should legally be allowed to extract vengeance and kill his daughter's murderer. [... ]

Maybe I've gone cold and dark in the heart, but I'm tired of seeing psychopaths get cheap justice. Laws need to change. Times certainly have. Let the father kill the killer."

TL;DR - don't confuse topics in Justice with topics in Law; clarification resolves issues with the practice of one's faith and empowers one to engage the issue at hand ... inherit and reclaim the Earth.

full explain:

the following video was published yesterday, so we'll both have to wait for part 2 before passing jusdgement on what justice - with a big "J" - is, but take advantage of checking out some other videos on this channel. It's actively teasing out vairous issues of it - Justice and virtue for us moderns in a Post-Trump; Post-9/11; Post-Internet; Post-Atomic age.

Ultimately, I don't think the final youtube playlist will make clear what is warrented to address what kind of legal system can handle the kind of evil we're all encountering choicelessly in this age of information (which also, btw, is built by and for the benifit of those in power cf. Noam Chomsky's views on news media ... i.e. Facebook's shareholders in the case of this, particular thread ... eg. this comment may or may not be filtered out on your feed at their discretion ...)

The video points out that, according to Foucault, Human Justice (ius civile - Roman civil rights, as opposed to ius gentium - Roman common / intetnational law  and ius naturale, Roman natural / God-given law ...  which all form the basis of Christian doctrine and subsequently our inherited conception of justice in this Western liberal ideal ... ) is by and for those who are in power no matter what dogma, class, race or nation We The People happen to look like.

Frankly, I'm with you in this specific case; as a father, I'd feel like taking that A-hole all French-style like the video describes.

But, when and if we (or you or, really, our generation as a whole) wakes up, taking on the rightful calling of doing The Lord's work of being authors of a Just and Fair society (which we plainly must; which is our duty to try -- as parents to our children, caretakers of our aging parents, and and as stewards of this Earth), hopefully we will have studied how impossibly ill-equipped we are to do anything but fail better than our forefathers; understand the world we inherited (as morally bankrupt and dying as all reasonable evidence points to at present time in history) and are entrusted to refine or redefine or at the very least, find a way to survive and endure based whatever lessons of the past we have managed to learn as an individual, a society, a species.

Hearten up brotha'. Be thankful that you are not the one who has to either pass judgement nor suffer such an unbearable loss. Rather, that burden lands ultimately on civilization as a whole and on God; and, the worst outcome of this news is that you and I are so disappointed that we no longer can see the mercy and love that is presently and pervasively in our midst and prevents us from being kind to one another in the here and now; with whomever we're with - on and away from our screens.

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