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One of the most profound, if not horrifying, things about adulthood is the recognition and internalization that no one has the answers *for you* and that there is no power on this Earth that can prevail over you. If there is to be such things as Truth and Justice and Love and all those wonderful aspirations flourishing in one's life, it depends strictly and entirely on one's own commitments to those transcendental ideas. It's also the basis for one's surrender to the faith of one's upbringing - a Heavenly Father, so to speak (yet another transcendent idea that "rules them all"), because if the life of Jesus H. Christ has anything to teach us, is that it's much more likely that your commitmentment to those things will be betrayed by even your closest, most dearest loved ones who are trying to do "the right thing" a la #Judas, a coward. And, in a world that believes you can buy your way into heaven, striving towards righteousness is tantatamount to being The Fool, and The Fool is is the Commander-In-Chief.

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